C# Programming for Absolute Beginners

C# Programming for Absolute Beginners

Book Description

C# Programming for Absolute Beginners

Get started using the C# programming language.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand what programming is all about
  • Write simple, but non-trivial, programs
  • Become familiar with basic programming constructs such as statements, types, variables, conditions, and loops
  • Learn to think like a programmer and combine these programming constructs in new ways
  • Get to know C# as a modern, mainstream programming language, and Visual Studio as one of the world’s most popular programming tools

Who This Book Is For

Those with very little or no experience in computer programming, who know how to use a computer, install a program, and navigate the web.

Book Download

File Format: True PDF, EPUB

Size: 14MB

File Host: OneDrive

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